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Essential Tips:

Burn images:

Microsoft finally introduced a feature that it seriously lacked in the previous Operating Systems prior to Windows 7 i.e some utility to burn ISO images to CDs / DVDs. Its user interface is also a lot easier, double click on the ISO images to be burned and insert a blank CD / DVD disk into the burning media and start the process and your disk will be ready to go within minutes.

Display Switching freedom:

Here's another new functionality provided by Windows 7 - With this feature you can switch displays if you have more than one display and it also works for a projector. Press Win+P or double click (execute) DisplaySwitch.exe this lets you actually choose a display that you want.

Make your icons bigger / smaller:

Now with Windows 7 you can make icon on your desktop, my computer and individual folder look bigger or smaller. Just scroll your mouse button / touchpad scroll while pressing down control and see the icons change size.

New Problem Steps Recorder:

Click the Start button and type psr to open the Problem Steps Recorder. This tool captures, ( via step by step monitoring & screenshots) what a person is doing. When the recording is stopped, the session information is compiled as an MHTML file and compressed in .zip format for easy emailing back to any person/authority for support.

More than one clock on notification area:

Like the one in Vista, Windows 7 also has this often overlooked but useful feature.This will help people who work with different time zones, keep a track of time.Click the clock in the notification area and choose Change Date and Time Settings. Select the Additional Clocks tab to display as many as two other clocks and to set their time zones.

Quickly turn on / off Windows applications:

Just type "features" in the Instant Search bar and then click on Turn Windows Features (On / Off) link under Control Panel; then locate the feature (such as Internet Explorer, DVD Maker and Media Player etc.) you want to hide or display.

Where is the RUN command ?

Windows 7 does not have run command in its start menu, though it can be accessed from accessories -> run but the following will add run item in your start menu just like XP.
1)Right click on any open area in the start menu and select Properties.
2)Select the Start Menu tab in the properties window and click Customize.
3)In the customize window, check the box against Run Command and click OK.
4)Now if you open the Start Menu, you can see the Run Command added to it.

Set your own visibility online:

While working online some site may gather personal information from you. A new IE feature called InPrivate Filtering, located in IE's Safety options, lets you choose what browser information you want to filter out from sites' access.


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