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Welcome to Windows 7 World |  . Here you can find all the coolest tips on how to manage your Windows Operating systems like Windows XP or Windows 7 and all. Enjoy the free e-books from our free e-book downloads section from where you can get free e-books related to computer hardware and software guidebooks. There are a lot of e-books so take your time in gathering knowledge! Get free softwares from our software download section, these softwares are chosen from the best free software available in the market according to various reviews. Also get free handpicked high rated High Resolution Images from our High Resolution Image Gallery. Also lookout for various computer software and hardware tricks in our Tips and Tricks section which will be of enormous help to you.

Kaspersky 2011 Antivirus / Internet Security / Pure Free For Life

  Here are the tricks to make your Kaspersky antivirus program free for life. I know, you probably can't get rid of the nagging 'buy license key' screen at the near end of your trial expiry and may have to work on your Kaspersky antivirus for 5 minutes at the end of each month but you are getting free antivirus for life!!!!. How to Activate Full Version and get offline updates here........... [READ MORE]

Windows 7 Safe Installation Procedures

Learn how to Install Window 7 properly in MAC or UPGRADE  to windows 7 from another Operating system and also HOW INSTALL WINDOWS 7 IN VIRTUAL MACHINE. Learn easy installation just watching these collected videos. [CLICK HERE]
Defend Yourself Against Malwares and live worry free!!

So how do you protect yourself?
There are many ways to protect yourself; one of the many ways is to educate yourself very well about these malwares because it would be inappropriate to be applying security software against a virus when you have a Trojan horse on your system. So, a very good user education is vital in fighting against malwares.
Operating system security......[READ MORE]

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